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The weather in Sydney is known to be "Crazy" sometimes. During
summer, you'd enjoy a hot days and in the evening this is followed by
a thunderstorm.

In general, the weather in Sydney in moderate and tolerable
throughout the year. The weather is moderated by proximity to the
ocean. The warmest months are January and February. The average
summer temperature ranges from 18.–26 °C (65–78 °F). Sydney
weather records an average of 15 days a year to have temperatures of
more than 30 °C (86.0 °F).

In winter, Sydney temperatures rarely drop below 5 °C in coastal
areas. The coldest month is July, with an average range of 6.0–16 °C
(46–61 °F).

Rainfall is fairly evenly spread through the year, but is slightly higher
during the first half of the year, when easterly winds dominate. T

Sydney city is not usually affected by cyclones. Summer period in
Sydney is Dec to Feb, Autumn is March to May, Winter
in June-August, and Spring is September to November.

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