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Living in Sydney Australia....a website for Sydney new residents

The information in Living in Sydney Australia is organic, practical and hands-on from
our own living experience in Sydney. We provide information about Sydney and Australia.

Most of Sydney Hotels are located either on the beaches or Sydney City. Sydney
Hotels are renowned with their quality of service. Sydney harbour plays a major role in
the lives of Sydney siders with yachting, surfing, sail boarding, swimming and water-
skiing available. Nature rich national parks and protected areas of natural bushland
surround the city.

This is how Australians make English sound:

Wherever you come from and whatever you are up to, Sydney Australia is the place to
be. The weather varies in four seasons and can be considered moderate. However,
you might enjoy the four seasons in one day....which is fun!

If you intend to buy a property, here is a snapshot of house prices in Australia as of
Dec 2016:


● Australia: $658,608
● Sydney: $9
● Melbourne: $7
● Darwin: $625,000
● Canberra: $560,000
● Perth: $535,000
● Brisbane: $475,000
● Adelaide $425,250
● Hobart $382,500

Sydney Australia is located in a coastal basin situated between the Pacific Ocean to
the east and the Blue Mountains to Sydney is world class. Universities in Sydney are
ranked within the top 500 worldwide.

Sydney Australia is a friendly city offering visitors a variety of attractions and activities.

These are just the headlines of
. You will enjoy an authentic and
hands-on experience by using this site.

Sydney is a Very expensive, crowded, but fascinating city!!

The cost of living in Sydney Australia is Very high considering that Sydney is one of
the best cities in the world. However, if you think Sydney property is too expensive for
you, then consider
Melbourne Australia which is the most liveable city in the World!

We Hope you enjoy the Living in Sydney Australia Website.

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