Best Sydney Suburbs Profile

Sydney suburbs hosts more than 193 nationalities. The coin "Best Sydney
Suburbs" depends on what you are looking for. For instance, are you looking
for expensive homes in Sydney suburbs, or suburbs where professionals live
in. In general, Best Sydney suburbs is the most expensive ones and they are
based within 5km of the Sydney city center.

There are major languages spoken in Sydney and these are recognised in
many government entities and banks.
Click here for a list of languages
spoken in Sydney.

Sydney suburbs can be categorised into 4 areas; Sydney North, Sydney
South, Sydney West, Sydney East.
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Here is a detailed 6MB (takes a while to download 5 minutes using High
speed Internet)
Sydney Suburbs map in PDF file which allows you to zoom in;
courtesy of "Dictionary of Sydney".

People who live in the northern suburbs of Sydney usually have high income
and work in professional executive jobs in the near by North Sydney or
Sydney City crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Most migrants from the UK
prefer to live in the Sydney Northern suburbs.

The Sydney Southern suburbs are populated with ethnic groups. Areas such
as Punchbowl and Bankstown provide cheaper accommodation and the
property value is within the range of A$100,000 to A$600,000. Having said
that, areas South to Sydney are also populated with Australian born
nationals. Most mosques are based in the southerns Sydney city side.

Western Sydney suburbs are well linked to Sydney City via highways
and trains. They also provide cheaper rent than Sydney city or the northern

East Sydney suburbs are also a very expensive area to live in. It is full of
restaurants. The Gay madi gra takes place in this part of Sydney; Paddington
and kings cross. Eastern suburbs such as Bondi, Bondi Beach, Coogee are
more of a tourists areas due to their lovely beaches. Sydney Easter suburbs
such as Dover heights, Vaucluse and Watson Bay have lovely water views
and many synagogues.

Here are some major suburbs and explanation of the ethnic group that lives
in them:

There are many Asians in Eastwood.

  • Sydney suburbs with a large proportion of people born overseas and
    with non-English speaking backgrounds include Auburn, Fairfield,
    Liverpool, and Bankstown. Turks living in Sydney prefer Auburn, while
    Lebanese prefer Bankstown, Lakemba and Punchbowl.

  • Generally Western European and North American born people have
    settled around the Lower North Shore and eastern suburbs of Sydney.

  • South Africans prefer St Ives.

  • Middle Eastern and moslem or muslim people live around the Lakemba
    and Auburn region in Sydney. A large mosque is in Lakemba and

  • Indo and Chinese live in the south western suburbs of Sydney.

  • South Asians live around Parramatta and the south east suburbs of

  • North East Asians live in major Sydney suburbs such as Hurstville,
    Burwood, Strathfield, Chatswood, Eastwood, Campsie and the Central
    Business District.

  • The  gay community in Sydney live in Oxford Street in Sydney city

Sydney City itself hosts many company offices and shops. It also has many
residential buildings and Universities such as the

Check our Sydney Maps section.

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