While Renting Apartments in Sydney Australia you need to consider the two
categories of apartment renting:
furnished and unfurnished Sydney Apartments.

People who plan to live in Sydney for long usually opt for the
unfurnished Sydney
. The leases on these apartments are usually for a minimum of 6
months. You can ask for a lease of 1 year if you wish. This guarantees that the
owner will not kick you out of the place should s/he wishes to lease it to someone
else which happens often. The cheapest rent we came across was A$100. This
will be in a low end suburb. The rent is usually advertised as a weekly rent.
However, the contact might ask you to pay it weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. The
rent amount is based on the suburb that you live in. Please check the
section of this site.

In unfurnished Sydney apartments, you have to pay the electricity and water bills
yourself. There is a bond that you have to pay for the Sydney Water and
Electricity. . You also need to pay 4 weeks bond for any rental property. This
Sydney Apartment rental bond stays with an independent entity and is released
when you vacate the property and return it back clean, neat and unharmed!

To understand your rights, obligations and the process to rent an apartment in
Sydney as a tenant from an owner,
Click here for details.

Sydney Furnished apartments are more suited for short term stays and can be
rented on weekly basis. The rent ranges from A$200 to A$2000 per week. This
usually covers the Electricity bill, but you'd better check.

To get an apartment or a flat or even a house in Sydney, you can check these two
sites for online rental property:

Once you like a Sydney Apartment, call the real estate agent who will handle the
lease between you and the owner.

Apartment and flat owners in Sydney Australia advertise their property for rent in
newspapers and at real estate offices mainly. The  real estate agents will assist
you find,  inspect and decide on a suitable house or a flat to rent.

You may need to supply some paper work before you can rent a property. You will
be required to pay rent in advance. Couple of weeks is the norm.

The first payment will include a bond that is refundable at the end of the rental.
The lease contract is a legal contract. If you have, doubts or concerns about a
lease seek legal advice before signing the contract.

The Sydney property rental market has been extremely tight for the past year.
Housing shortages have made it increasingly difficult to get good deals on rent in
Sydney renters have been prepared to offer 20 per cent above the asking rental
to secure a quality property in a prime locations.

You need to be well prepared when you set out on your property search. The
competition to secure the rental property of your choice might be hard. Some
areas of Sydney are more popular than other and there may be no second chance
for a first impression. So be organised before you even begin your search. Here
are some tips to help you find the Sydney property for Rent.

1- Set your budget

Make sure you are very clear about how much you can afford to pay. Your rent
shouldn’t consume more than one third of your weekly income – if you earn $900
a week, your rent should not be higher than $300 per week.

2- Consider the location

Do you want to be within walking or cycling distance of shops, the beach,
nightclubs, your friends? Not having a car with save you money that can go
towards your rent. How much can you save on travel costs if you live close to

3- Make a  checklist:

  • Will you share with others or do you need privacy?
  • Does it have a large off-peak hot water system ?
  • Do you really need a garage?
  • Are there sufficient power points in each room and working light fittings.
  • What size property do you need? Are there smoke detectors?
  • Is there a  laundry with washer and dryer (or space for them)
  • Check security devices such as locks or bars on windows and doors
  • Is there a phone line and high speed internet connection?

4- View the property

You need supporting reference documents prepared before you view a property.
These documents include: your driver's license or passport, copies of your
latest pay slips and bank statement, a letter of recommendation from your
employer, references from previous landlords or property agents and rent
receipts, electricity or phone accounts in your name from previous addresses,
character references.

5- Be on time to meet the property agent. Be well groomed to make a good
impression. If you plan to share the property with friends or family, make sure
they visit the property with you. Be prepared to make a quick decision about a
property and fill in an application on the spot.

6- Be honest on your application form. Be persistent and keep in regular contact
with the agent to find out how your application is progressing.

7- Understand your rights in the Sydney rental  market

8- If your application is accepted, do not sign anything until you have checked the
Tenancy Agreement contract.

9- Make sure you understand all its terms and conditions, especially about what
costs might be incurred if you break your agreement early.

10- You can visit the Office of Fair Trading website to download information on
Tenant’s Rights and Bonds. You will generally have to pay your rent in advance
and provide a bond of around 4 week’s rent in Sydney

This will be lodged with the Rental Bonds office in your state and will be refunded
when you leave unless there is damage to the property or monies outstanding.
Don’t forget to Inspect the property thoroughly

11- Keep a record of any conversations you have with your real estate property
management agent – dates and a brief outline of what was discussed. This can
help in any future dispute or misunderstanding.

12- Before you move into the property, do an entry inspection with your landlord.
Take a camera with you on this inspection. Keep a copy of these photos and the
completed Inventory and Condition Report to check against on your departure.

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