The Moderately high Cost of living in Sydney is justified by the fact that Sydney
Australia is one of the best cities in the world.

Sydney Universities offer complete range of programs and degrees that yields
internationally recognized degrees.

Considering the quality and reasonable living expenses in Sydney, specially when
compared to the U.S., Sydney Australian is considered one of the most popular
destination  for a world class living.

Australian Government survey showed that in terms of total costs of living
expenses, living in Australia was less expensive than  the USA and UK. Living costs
too will vary by location, and of course by your lifestyle.

Compare the cost of living in Sydney to the Cost of living in the UK.

Click Here to see who lives where?

Costs are higher in urban centers and lower in regional areas.

Initial establishment costs for a shared apartment, such as rental bonds for
accommodation, electricity, gas and telephone, could add up to at least A$1,500-$2,500.

Here is a quick guide of the cost of living in Sydney
as in April 2014:

Rent:                                    A$
200-2000 Weekly rate (share accommodation is cheaper)
Haircut: female                    A$20.00-100.00 (Women in Australia pays more for haircut!)
Movie ticket                         A$13.00-
30.00 (student discount might apply)                   
Restaurant/café meal          A$8.00-25.00
Medical:                               A$30 per consultation
, unless covered by Medicare for
permanent residents

Bus                                      A$15 (special discount for students)
Books:                                 A$50-200 depending on the book
Gas and Electricity:              A$1
00-150 per month, if you are moderate user
Taxi:                                    5 Minutes ride could cost A$10
Buy car:                               A$5000-
Gas bill:                               A$50-100 per month
Car insurance:                    A$800 per year for car worth A$34000
Home building insurance    A$1200 for 3 bedroom house per year, house worth 500,000
Home Content insurance   A$120 per year for content worth 20,000
Petrol:                                A$1.4-1.6 per litre

Detailed Grocery cost in Sydney can be found here at Woolworth Online Shopping.

The cost of living in Sydney, Australia, is close to 50 percent higher than in New York, according to a new survey that illustrates
the painful side effects for residents living through a once-in-a-century mining boom. Many have had to take out a cash
advance or second mortgage in order to navigate the suddenly more competitive financial climate.

In the Worldwide Cost of Living Survey which was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, the twice-yearly report
compares prices across 160 products and services including drinks, schools and transport.

Of the 130 cities studied, Sydney ranks seventh, down from sixth place a year ago, while Melbourne is unchanged in eighth
place. But back in 2002, Sydney was 25 per cent cheaper to live in than New York, a statistic that a decade later has more than

Mining-town Perth now ranks 12th, up from 13th position last year. Brisbane is joint 13th, up from 15th, while Adelaide has
jumped to 17th place from 24th.

The findings will ring true with many locals, who regularly complain of rising prices for everything from energy supplies to
staples such as fruit and vegetables. Australia's consumer price index rose 3.1 per cent in the December quarter of 2011 from a
year earlier with hefty spikes seen in the cost of transport, education and rent.

A stand-out in the developed world for its economic strength, however, Australia has avoided a recession for more than 20
years and enjoys a 5.2 per cent jobless rate, the envy of its peers in developed countries where unemployment in some cases
hovers closer to 10 per cent.

In 2011, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's Better Life Index found that Australia may be the
world's happiest industrialised nation, with some 75 per cent of inhabitants designated as being satisfied with their lives.

Rent: check out and Also check out for shared places

Car registration: In NSW, you will be paying around $500+ per year.
In NSW, you have to pay your 'rego' by the due date. If you don’t your car is considered unregistered and un-road worthy and
you will have to have a full road worthy done before it can be registered again.
Car insurance is just too individualized.

Phone / Internet: Check out for a comparison of broadband plans. Also check out
au and for info about phone contracts. A$20-30/month

Gas / Electricity: Check out for information about gas and electricity prices. Just enter a random
Sydney Australian post code.

Petrol: Check out for daily petrol prices in Sydney. Also for an overview of prices in
the capital cities. Petrol prices can vary widely from the morning to evening in Australia.

Cars: Check out and

Clothes: Check out or - they dont have an online shop but do have their latest
catalogue on their website.

Groceries: and You could do an online shopping to work out what the price of
groceries would be.

Schools: Check for reports anc comparison of 10,000 shcolls in Australia. In NSW Sydney at the very least you
will be paying a 'voluntry' fee and for school books.

Health Insurance: In Sydney you can get it for private hospital cover as well as for 'extras' such as optical, dental, allied health
(speech therapy, physiotherapy etc). Depending on what it is, you will get either a limit that will be refunded (ie/ $200 per year
for speech therapy) or a certain amount refunded such as with dental. Check out to compare plans. Dental
in Sydney Australia is really expensive. For example, the price of a root canal could reach A$1500. If you have a pre-exisiting
condition, your health insurance provider could ask you to wait 12 months before they cover you for that.

Banking: Just about all banks will charge you for having an account with them. ANZ has an account for $5 / month that has
unlimited internet banking and ATM withdrawals. If you make a withdrawal from another banks ATM you will pay up to $2.50
per transaction. Have a look at In addition most companies will charge you an 'admin' fee for paying
your bill, generally a couple of dollars.

House or Unit you own in Sydney Australia: There are council and water rate. However, if you are renting the landlord pays
the rates and you just pay for the excess water charges. Rubbish collection is included in council rates. No tv licence in Sydney
Australia though, although you have to put up with ads every 5 mins.

Check the Detailed Cost of Living in Sydney here.

Cost of furnisher and home appliances in Sydney Australia

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