Free Sample resignation Letter

Free Sample Resignation Letter

When you decide to leave your job, don’t let it haunt you for the rest of your career.
The process of leaving a job should be properly and professionally managed. It is
your Resignation from a Job, and not life!

You might be liable to dispute or penalty if your resignation is not handled properly. This
makes good resignation letters important for individuals and employers.

As a general guideline for your letter of resignation, keep it positive, friendly and future
looking. Take no prisoners or enemies with you to the next job. This way you avoid any
legal liabilities. Positive resignation letters increase your chances, no matter how your
relationship with your boss was, of getting a fair reference.

Before you submit a resignation letter, give a verbal notice to your boss. Then and only
then you should submit the written letter. Don’t walk to his office with the letter without a
warning as he might take it offensively.

You should consider your contractual obligations when you resign. Pay attention to the
notice period, to whom it should be presented. Your resignation letter can be
handwritten, but preferably printed as a sign of respect to yourself first. Hand your
resignation letter. The fax and email or even post should be your last resort.

Sample Resignation Letter

Your Name
The Organisation name


Dear Mr Smith (Smith is your direct supervisor)

Please accept this letter as a formal notice of my resignation from my post of (your
position at the department) effective from (put a Date).

As per my contract, I will be happy to continue to work during my notice period until (put
the last date according to your notice period). [This part is optional if you don’t want to
serve your notice period] (However, I am ready to consider leaving earlier should we
agree on such terms).

I have taken this decision after serious consideration of my career path. Though I regret
to leave your team, I do appreciate your support during my service in this company.

Please advise the handover for any assets that I might have and the current outstanding
work and responsibilities.

Yours sincerely

Your name

Signature and date