Australia vs. the United States of America - Living the Best Life: Comparison

Australia vs. the United States of America - Living the Best Life: Comparison

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Do you know those first months after birth when no matter who you get to talk to almost inevitably you get questions about birth and baby? Well, that's kind of the case after moving abroad. Whoever you are talking to, if that person knows about the move, there will definitely be at least one question about it!

So, the question we've received dozens of times has been about life in the USA compared to Australia. And this curiosity seems normal to us because we are just as curious about what it is like to live in other countries.

But the truth is, we can't give you that answer about life in America that many people expect to receive. Because no one can define life in a country as large and diverse as America. It's like an American asking you what life is like in Europe, even if America and Australia have some similarities. The answer differs a lot depending on the area where you live. Just as you can't compare life in France with life in Germany or life in Sweden with life in Italy, you can't give a general answer about life in America and Australia.

Each state is so different that the experience can be completely different in one city than another. Even in California, the experience is completely different in Silicon Valley than in Los Angeles.

So we can't say what life is like in America compared to Australia. We can only say what life is like here. And we are sure every person who moves to the United States sees things completely differently, in terms of life experience so far. Living in America has its ups and downs, just like living in Australia For us, there are more advantages than disadvantages compared to Australia. If we were to tell you what people like most about Silicon Valley, the list would look something like this:
  • We have the opportunity to meet many people from all over the world. Every day we meet people who come from other countries and this experience offers them many life lessons. The same situation is in Australia. The majority of locals came from all over the world and live here just like natives.
  • People have a much more relaxed attitude towards many aspects of life. It's something that's especially specific in this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčCalifornia, and we think it's related to the fact that a lot of people here can afford this relaxed lifestyle.
  • The weather! Where we live it never snows, it is cold only at night and the weather seems ideal all year round! People can spend a lot of time outside and somehow the weather makes me feel good every day. However, not all states are so sunny. Many of them have only one season or all four. But in Australia, you have always summer which is just for amateurs.
  • People can always discover cool things to do both for us and especially for children. Children's museums are very well made. The parks look great and have a lot of green space. The playgrounds are beautiful and well maintained.
  • You can explore it for weeks and still discover only a small part of its beauty. From the absolutely wonderful ocean, with big and beautiful beaches, to the unique cities (such as San Francisco) or to the imposing national parks, everything invites you to travel.
Of course, there are many disadvantages and it's important to talk about them. Australians who moved abroad often offer an idyllic picture of life in other countries. And it doesn't seem right to show only the good things when there are many things everywhere that are not as we would like.

Here are some of the things you might don't like about the USA and Australia:
  • The food is much less healthy and tasty than in Australia. Even if you find healthy options, they are much more expensive and harder to find. In restaurants, children's menus can often terrify any parent eager to give their child a healthy diet.
  • Kindergartens are far from what a big family can expect. In a country where childcare leave practically does not exist, the system of nurseries and kindergartens is very well set up. But that is far from the case! There are many poor-quality kindergartens, and good kindergartens have large waiting lists or are expensive. And many of them have a schedule incompatible with a job, that is, either with a schedule up to 4 or with many holidays. This is one of the reasons why in rich or middle-class families here one of the parents often stays at home with the children. And in poorer families, the salary of one of the parents often barely covers the expenses of kindergarten and transportation. The Australian situation is much better. Here you have many private but cheap kindergartens for all types of families.
  • People are completely addicted to cars. Some people aren't bothered by this at all, but I really like walking. People have places where they can walk, but in daily life, the car is indispensable. The same situation occurs in Australia and its cities.
  • Both the USA and Australia have some expensive areas for house and apartment renting. Rental prices in good areas are high. Good kindergartens are expensive. Quality food is expensive. The fees are high. Those impressive paychecks you may have heard of in Silicon Valley IT are accompanied by rising costs.
But really all these taxes and costs are reflected in the quality of life. Here you have the feeling that the authorities really care about how the places look and how the residents feel. Which in a way makes up for the huge bills you have to pay each month.

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