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Muslims in Sydney Australia
Muslims in Sydney Australia usually live near the mosques they pray in. For
example, you will find that Turks and Somalies live in Auburn. The Mosque in
Auburn is one of the largest in Sydney and was built by the Turkish

Lebanese Muslims live in Lakemba and Bakstown. While the main mosque
that was built in Lakemba, Lebanese Muslims live also in Bankstown which is
10 minutes drive or by train to Lakemba, Greenacre, Punchbowl, and Chullora
as these suburbs are of close proximity to Lakemba. Punchbowl also host a

You will also find Muslims living in Hurstville where is a small mosque.

Chullora and Greenace host the major King Fahad School which is a private
school for Muslim students, but is also open for non-Muslims.

AlNoori School is locate in Greenacre and teaches Islamic studies for the

Indonisian Muslims live mainly in Dee Why in the Northern shores of Sydney.
There is also a mosque in Surry Hills, but this is maily for Sydney city workers
who wishes to pray during working hours.

Shieat Muslims live in Archnliffe where they have a mosque, radio station and
social societies.

The above mentioned suburbs are not the only once where Muslins live.
Muslims in Sydney Australia live all over the place, but the above is where
they prefer to live near friends and family.

The Sydney society accepted the Muslims and certain businesses such as
McDonald now have Halal food in its Bankstown branch.

Click here for a list of Muslims Mosques in Sydney Australia.

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