Renting an Apartment in Sydney follows the supply and demand

In Sydney Australia, you can opt for two types of apartment renting: furnished
and unfurnished. People who plan to live in Sydney for long usually opt for the
unfurnished apartments. The leases on these apartments are usually for a
minimum of 6 months. You can ask for a lease of 1 year if you wish. This
guarantees that the owner will not kick you out of the place should s/he wishes
to lease it to someone else which happens often. The cheapest rent we came
across was A$100. This will be in a low end suburb.

You have to pay the electricity and water bills yourself. There is a bond that you
have to pay for the Sydney Water and Electricity. . You also need to pay 4 weeks
bond for any rental property. This bond stays with an independent entity and is
released when you vacate the property and return it back clean, neat and
unharmed! To understand your rights and obligation as a tenant and as an
Click here for details.

Furnished apartments in Sydney are more suited for short term stays and can be
rented on weekly basis. The rent ranges from A$200 to A$2000 per week. This
usually covers the Electiricty bill, but you'd better check.

To get an apartment or a flat or even a house in Sydney, you can check these
two sites for online rental property:

Once you like something, call the real estate agent who will handle the lease
between you and the owner.

Apartment and flat owners in Sydney Australia advertise their property for rent in
newspapers and at real estate offices mainly. The  real estate agents will assist
you find,  inspect and decide on a suitable house or a flat to rent.

You may need to supply some paper work before you can rent a property. You
will be required to pay rent in advance. Couple of weeks is the norm.

The first payment will include a bond that is refundable at the end of the rental.
The lease contract is a legal contract. If you have, doubts or concerns about a
lease seek legal advice before signing the contract.
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