Cost of Study in Sydney Australia's Universities varies
depending your lifestyle!
The Cost of Study in Sydney Universities is justified by the fact that
Sydney Australia hosts many world renowned Universities that
graduates top class students. Though it is cheaper than the UK or

Sydney Universities offer complete range of programs and degrees
that yields internationally recognized degrees.

Considering the quality and reasonable living expenses in Sydney,
specially when compared to the U.S. Universities, Sydney Australian
is considered one of the most popular destination  for a world class

Australian Government survey showed that in terms of total costs
including tuition fees and living expenses, studying in Australia was
less expensive than the USA and UK. Tuition fees will vary
depending on the course or institution. Living costs too will vary by
location, course and lifestyle.

costs are higher in urban centers and lower in regional areas.
costs are higher in urban centers and lower in regional areas.

Initial establishment costs for a shared apartment, such as rental
bonds for accommodation, electricity, gas and telephone, could add
up to at least A$1,500.

Here is a quick guide of the cost of living in Sydney:

Rent:                                    A$100-500 Weekly rate (share
accommodation is cheaper for students
Bread                                   A$2.40
Litre of milk                          A$1.40  
Dozen eggs                         A$2.20
Instant noodles                   A$0.60
BBQ chicken                         A$8.00-10.00
1 kg of rice                           A$1.65
Haircut: male                       A$10.00-40.00
Haircut: female                    A$20.00-100.00 (Women in Australia
pays more for haircut!)
Movie ticket                         A$13.00-15.00 (student discount might
Restaurant/café meal          A$8.00-25.00
Medical:                               A$30 per consultation
Bus                                      A$15 (special discount for students)
Books:                                 A$50-200 depending on the book
Gas and Electricity:              A$10-15 if you share accommodation
Taxi:                                    5 Minutes ride could cost A$5-10
Buy car:                               A$5000-50,000
Newspapers:                       A$1

Australia offers lower tuition fees for many comparable programs in
the US. Here is an example of the average tuition costs per program
as compared with US programs:

Bachelor of Business                                           MBA
Australia (3 years): US$70,000                         Australia (1.5 years):
US public (4 years): US$119,882                       US public (2 years):
US private (4 years): US$167,828                     US private (2 years):
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