The InternetLab Ranking of 20 Top Australian

Source: InternetLab (Observatorio de Ciencia y Tecnologia en Internet)

This ranking is edited by InternetLab (Observatorio de Ciencia y
Tecnologia en Internet), a research body of the Spanish Research Council.
Starting from the assumption that the Web has become one of the main
sources to obtain information on academic and scientific activities, these
rankings are based on several "webometrics" indicators: size, visibility,
popularity and number of rich files.

Rank        University                                                World Rank
1        Australian National University                                    71
2        University of Melbourne                                             78
3        University of Sydney                                                  111
4        University of New South Wales                                  115
5        University of Queensland                                          135
6        Monash University                                                     142
7        University of Western Australia                                  160
8        University of Auckland                                               283
9        RMIT University                                                         286
10        Macquaire University                                               297
11        Curtin University of Technology                              347
12        QUT Queensland University of Technology            381
13        University of Technology Sidney                             388
14        University of Tasmania                                            409
15        Charles Sturt University                                           411
16        Murdoch University                                                  437
17        La Trobe University                                                 467
18        University of Newcastle                                            470
19        Victoria University of Wellington                              484
20        University of Wollongong                                        500
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