Move to Perth in Western Australia

Move to Perth for a city known for the pristine quality of its beaches. Unbroken
stretches of golden sands run through the entire length of the city’s coastal
suburbs. If you are a nature lover, then you have to visit Perth at the Western
side of the Australian continent.

Perth is Famous for natural environment long days of sunshine, spotless blue
skies and sandy beaches. Consider Western Australia for your migration.

Perth has one of the most diverse climates in Australia. From the tropical
north to the temperate south, you can experience two distinct seasonal
variations. In the southern half of the State four seasons are observed while
in the north there are just two: the Wet season from October to March and the
dry one from April to September.

Western Australia is one third of the whole Australian continent.  It has a
population of approximately 2.1 million which represents one tenth of Australia’
s total population. Its population is among the most diverse in the world. 16%
of Western Australia’s population speak a language other than English at
home, with the main languages spoken being Italian, dialects of Chinese,
Vietnamese, German and Australian Indigenous languages.

The capital city of Western Australia ; Perth, is home to 1.6 million people and
enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia. Perth’s
lifestyle is "simple life" with a number of inner city parks adding to the relaxed,
nature-based feel. The central business district is just seven kilometres from
the sea and is perched on the banks of the majestic Swan River and nestled
beneath the city’s 400 hectare botanical showcase, Kings Park. Housing in
Perth is the cheapest of all Australia’s mainland capitals. However, the year
2006 saw the big boom for the Perth housing industry. Rental accommodation
is readily available and competitively priced.

The southern regions of Western Australia are major producers of mineral
sands, timber, and agricultural products while the northern regions account
for most of Western Australia’s mineral, oil and gas output, nearly half the
beef industry, cultured pearl production and a developing aquaculture

Western Australia is currently experiencing  sustained economic growth.
Driven largely by an expanding minerals and petroleum sector, this is creating
many exciting opportunities across the State.

Western Australia is the nation’s premier export State, generating 32 per cent
of Australia’s total goods and services exports. Industry is dominated by the
production of basic metal, chemical, petroleum and coal products, processed
foods and beverages and mining equipment. The services sector, which
accounts for about 72 per cent of the State’s economic activity, is also highly
competitive in the areas of education, health and biotechnology, building and
construction, information technology and engineering.

Western Australia needs to attract people with the skills necessary to sustain
its high growth rates and significant investments. The Western Australian
Government has established the Skills Migration Program to give prospective
migrants better information about the opportunities that exist in the State and
to provide assistance in helping skilled people make Western Australia their

The Department of Industry and Resources, the State’s lead economic
development agency, has established a Skills Migration Unit (SMU). The SMU
will also use its network of ten international trade and investment offices and
work closely with the nine regional development commissions in order that all
necessary information and assistance is provided to skilled migrants.

The Western Australian Government sponsors two visa schemes: the Skilled
Independent Regional  visa and the State/Territory Nominated Independent  
and Skill Matching (SM) visas. These schemes make it possible for people to
live and work in regional areas where there is a shortage of skills. The Skilled
Independent Regional (SIR) visa scheme provides eligible skilled migrants
with a temporary visa to look for employment and explore lifestyle
opportunities. The State/Territory Nominated Independent (STNI) visa and
Skill Matching (SM) visa schemes encourage skilled migrants to settle in
regions of Western Australia where their skills are in demand. These visas
provide permanent residency.
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