Move to Brisbane Queensland, Australia's Sunshine

Move to Brisbane is a brave act, but fun. Queensland is the State that has a
dynamic economy, an enviable climate, and a relaxed lifestyle.

Queensland lies on the north-east of the Australian Continent, bordering the
Pacific Ocean to the east and Papua New Guinea to the north. It is Australia's
second largest state, taking up about 22 per cent of the continent and has a
population of 4 million spread over rural settlements and the cosmopolitan state
capital, Brisbane.

It has a sub tropical climate with warm humid summers at temperatures of
between 2-30 degrees Celsius and mild clear winters with typical temperatures
between 9-22 degrees Celsius. The northern two thirds are officially in the
tropics but only the extreme north lies within the monsoon belt.The average
maximum temperature is 25.2 degrees Celsius and the average minimum is 15.7
degrees Celsius. Brisbane enjoys an average of 263 days a year of sunshine
and in winter the average hours of daylight are 10.5.

The city of
Brisbane has a population of 1.9 million and is a modern and
diverse subtropical metropolis renowned for its laid-back way of life. This relaxed
lifestyle is why many Australians and migrants choose to make Brisbane their
home. It is a recognised leader in terms of culture and importantly, is home to a
wide variety of outdoor experiences. Brisbane is well serviced by city
infrastructure, including cultural precincts, world class sporting venues,
conference venues, park lands, byways and river walks. The city is also
strategically well serviced by road, rail and air networks  

Outside of Brisbane the main population centres are Toowoomba, the Gold
Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Toowoomba sits on the edge of the Great
Dividing Range and is a gentle city with tree lined streets and areas of parkland.
The Gold Coast is a 36km strip of beaches running from the New South
Wales/Queensland border. The Sunshine Coast, another popular holiday
destination, is renowned for its beaches, surfing and fishing but is not as over
commercialised as the Gold Coast.

Queensland is strong on education, priding itself on a world class public and
private education base and nine major universities.

Queensland's enviable reputation for innovative business practices and rapid
economic growth has led it to be recognised as the Smart State. It is one of the
fastest growing and dynamic States in Australia and has a strategy in place
designed to make Queensland the intellectual hub of the Asia Pacific.  With
Australia's fastest population growth and lowest cost of living, Queensland offers
the most optimistic prospects for migrants, business and residents.  

Skilled migrants play a pivotal role in Queensland's economic plan which centres
on consolidating major industries like agriculture, mining and tourism and
actively developing new technologies, particularly in communications and
information, biotechnology, health, construction, engineering and education to
create a More diverse, value-adding economy of the future.

With a high quality of life, wonderful climate and relaxed lifestyle, Queensland is
a great place in which to live, work and establish a business.
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